Neal News: Retail, manufacturing, and the race to the edge

Neal News: Retail, manufacturing, and the race to the edge

Racing to the intelligent edge

The past few months have seen a relentless push to the intelligent cloud and edge. We’ve seen retail, healthcare, and manufacturing drastically accelerate their transformation by leveraging new edge computing solutions with exciting results.

Check out these stories and see how businesses are seizing new opportunities on the edge and in the cloud >

man in safety goggles checks machinery

Unlocking AI potential in manufacturing with machine teaching


The costs and logistics of traditional machine learning can be hard to use effectively when dealing with complex manufacturing processes. The costs to create the physics-based models alone can be a barrier to entry. But what if you can train an AI agent using data from an AI-powered simulator and knowledge from your subject matter experts?

Ryan outlines a modern approach to building a simulator by leveraging AI vision at the edge and machine teaching with Microsoft Project Bonsai to optimize advanced process controllers and empower human operators.

AI computer vision blue eye

Deep learning in computer vision starts with data science


Developing a data collection strategy is critical to success in deep learning and computer vision. Zach breaks down the key elements of a good dataset and what that looks like in the real world.

woman delivers packaged goods wearing mask

SKU optimization: Improving your supply chains in COVID-19


A streamlined SKU portfolio can make all the difference during a pandemic. Greg covers some best practices for SKU optimization and the role of deep reinforcement learning in “black swan” events.

StockView for Retail


Out-of-stock items mean abandoned purchases, and that can translate into an average 4% loss in revenue for retailers! That’s where StockView comes in. Stockview uses computer vision technology at the edge to automatically detect out of stock items on shelves.

Powered by Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, StockView offers a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution that brings the power of Azure right to your store.

In case you missed it…

Dream team: Microsoft, Intel, and Neal Analytics teamed up to design an Intelligent Retail blueprint. It’s not just AR mirrors for customers — it’s new data insights and opportunities for retailers.

We didn’t start the FHIR: Based on the Azure API for the Fast Health Interoperability Resource standard, Neal enabled the FHIR server for Azure Stack Edge & Stack Hub. Learn how FHIR makes it easier (and more secure) to manage protected health information in the cloud.

Autonomous Systems webinar on-demand: Excited to see more real-world applications of Autonomous Systems? Check out this webinar to learn about the use cases and opportunities it creates for the energy industry.

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