Neal News: Getting started with Project Bonsai

Neal News: Getting started with Project Bonsai

Welcome to our latest roundup of the latest articles, trends, and insights from the Neal team.

First up, some company news: We are proud to announce that Neal Analytics has been acquired by Fractal!

Gif: Fractal and Neal Analytics logos appear side by side

We’re incredibly excited to join the Fractal family. Learn more about the acquisition here.

Project Bonsai and Autonomous Systems

Now, let’s get to the latest from the team. We’ve been keeping a close eye on Microsoft Project Bonsai and the applications of Autonomous Systems, especially in manufacturing and supply chain scenarios.

Here are a few articles that we think you’ll enjoy…

(Need a refresher on Project Bonsai? Check out this blog for the basics!)

Getting started with Project Bonsai: Phase 1 (Pre-Engagement)

Diagram of Neal Analytics Bonsai pre-engagement steps

We talk a lot about Microsoft Project Bonsai here at Neal. This AI toolchain can be as complex as it is exciting. So, how do you get started?

Dorian Grech, one of our digital consultants, can answer that. Here’s what you can expect from Neal Analytics when it comes to Project Bonsai engagements, starting with Phase 1: The Pre-Engagement.

Optimizing distribution center operations using AI

Optimize DC's ft. image

Distribution centers are an ideal place to apply AI solutions. Learn how AnyLogic and Project Bonsai can work together to better manage the transportation, workforce, and inventory in these fulfillment scenarios.

4 reasons to use an AI-based simulator (vs. a physics-based one) for your process manufacturing RL project

4 reasons to use an AI simulator in process manufacturing illustration

Process manufacturing is a different kind of beast. The complexity of each step makes it tougher to appropriately model compared to discreet manufacturing.

That’s why we recommend an AI (or data-based) simulator for these projects. Well, we actually have four reasons.

(New): Our most popular offers, all on one page

From our Advanced Demand Forecasting workshop to the End-to-End Data Estate Modernization managed service, here’s a roundup of our most popular solution packages.

In other news…

Learn more about Project Bonsai

Check out our Autonomous Systems page to see how businesses are leveraging Project Bonsai to optimize extrusion, supply chains, and more.

Need a refresher on how Autonomous Systems leverage Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), machine teaching, and simulations? We have our AS 101 series here.