Neal News: Azure Percept, IoT, and Cosmos DB

Neal News: Azure Percept, IoT, and Cosmos DB

You may have noticed in our new logo that we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this year! As part of the milestone, we’re looking back at some of the company’s most “iconic projects”.

Take a walk through Neal Analytics history with our Director of Digital Consulting as he recounts the Project “Why” sales driver analysis solution for Arca Continental and the early days of Azure Machine Learning.

Now, on to the latest blogs and news…

Azure Percept use cases

Azure Percept adds another arrow to the quiver of IoT and Edge computing solutions. Azure Percept’s ability to bring AI vision to the edge opens up exciting use cases like people detection, volumetric produce detection, and more.

Migrating MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB

MongoDB Atlas and Azure Cosmos DB are two options for migrating MongoDB to the cloud. We find Azure Cosmos DB generally offers better flexibility and scalability for businesses. Check out the comparison in this blog post.

From Redis to Azure Cache

Thinking of migrating Redis to Azure? Here are the top reasons why you need to migrate to Azure Cache for one of the world’s most popular in-memory data structure stores, Redis.

How does Intelligent Order Sequencing work?

Order up! Intelligent Order Sequencing solutions help prioritize orders, reduce wait times, and improve customer satisfaction by leveraging your data. Here’s how it works for coffeeshops, drive-thru restaurants, and more.

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Azure Percept signals a shift from Industrial IoT solutions to platforms. Forbes breaks down three characteristics of the new IIoT: simplified deployment, easy customization, and a robust ecosystem.

Microsoft released new Live Vision Analytics (LVA) capabilities, building on the IoT momentum and Azure Percept announcement in Ignite 2021.

COVID-19 forced entire industries to adapt and transform. This report from the UK-based Center of Data Ethics and Innovation covers some of the wins (and misses) of data and AI through the pandemic.