Neal News: Autonomous Systems in the real world

Neal News: Autonomous Systems in the real world

Autonomous Systems in the real world

Autonomous Systems are on our list as one of the most exciting developments in AI. Neal Analytics recently worked with PepsiCo to produce perfect Cheetos by developing an Autonomous System on the Microsoft Project Bonsai platform.

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Learn about Autonomous Systems in 3 minutes

Got questions about Autonomous Systems? We cover the basics in just 3 minutes.

Learn what Autonomous Systems are and how they work, along with key concepts around Machine Teaching, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and simulations.

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What is edge computing?


How does the edge work, and what is it used for? Markham covers key concepts and business scenarios for edge computing in this beginner guide.

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SQL in the cloud for better BI

CLOUD by Anuj Vikal, Sr. cloud and data engineer

As data repositories grow, on-premises solutions fall out of favor. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to migrate your data to the cloud for better performance, new BI capabilities, and more.

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Migrating for the winter (from on-premises to Azure Database)

Check out our top reasons to move to Azure Database for new capabilities, improved performance, and more!

5 reasons to migrate from

Understanding Autonomous Systems (Explainer Series)

Autonomous Systems are becoming one of the most exciting areas of technology. It’s so new that it can also be tough to wrap your head around at first. Using machine teaching, deep reinforcement learning, and simulations, businesses can build AI agents that can achieve previously impossible business process improvements.

Learn what AS are and how they work in this series:

  • Episode 1: An introduction to the core concepts of Autonomous Systems
  • Episode 2: You’ve heard of machine learning. What about Machine Teaching?
  • Episode 3: Dive in the deep end to learn about Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)
  • Episode 4: It’s not quite TRON, but Autonomous Systems do train with simulators
  • Episode 5: Connect what you learned to the real-world with this customer example

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