Neal India Hackathon 2021

Neal India Hackathon 2021

Hackathon results announcement (Updated on 4/12/2021)

Heartiest congratulations to all winners, runners-ups, and participants for making his event remarkable.

Winner: “The Night Owls”
1st Runner up: “Data_Elites”
2nd Runner up: “JARVIS” & “The Cloud Army”


Neal India Hackathon 2021 announcement:

We’re excited to announce our first-ever Neal Hackathon hosted by our India team from April 9th, 7 PM to 11th 7 AM (IST).   

This Hackathon will allow our developers and change-makers to turn innovative ideas into reality. 

Because of the COVID-19 safety restrictions, the Hackathon will be hosted virtually and for 36 hours. The nine teams have selected innovative ideas that could positively impact Neal Analytics. They will have 36 hours to turn them into working prototypes. 

The participating teams will be showcasing their work to the evaluation committee Sunday 11th morning and early afternoon (Pune, India time).

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our dream teams! 

Predict project scores for all Neal projects


Cluster performance tracking system


Chatbot for CI-CD pipeline


Detect raw material freshness using computer vision


Azure storage optimizer 


Neal's HR Connect 


Resume ranker 


Azure Kinect DK accelerated Deep Learning for point cloud depth processing 


IOTA for Edge Computing 


Best of luck to all our teams 

Stay tuned on Neal Analytics LinkedIn page to hear more about each team. The winners will be announced on April 12th post-event.