Neal Analytics announces FHIR server for Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge

Neal Analytics announces FHIR server for Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge

Neal Analytics is excited to announce the availability of services integrating, deploying, and working with the FHIR server standard for healthcare interoperability. Based around a deep collaboration with Microsoft’s product team, Neal has enabled this critical health asset for deployment on Azure Stack & Azure Stack Edge, allowing Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) to stay on-premises as it is processed and stored. This allows for Azure Stack and Azure Stack Edge deployments to remain compatible with the HL7 standard, and with any local laws around data protection.

Share protected information more easily with FHIR

This codebase will enable healthcare providers to share health information (with patient permission) between providers much more easily, streamlining the healthcare process and increasing the quality of care.

Our work is based on the Azure API for FHIR, which leverages OSS code with a SQL backend. The API leverages the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources specification to provide the platform with the capability to perform data interchanges in a compliant manner.

Being an Azure solution means the Azure API for FHIR is easy to provisioning & manage through the Azure portal. Additionally, the FHIR Server for Azure is an Open-Source Project that is easily deployed to an Azure subscription.

The availability of FHIR on Azure Stack Edge & Stack Hub allows providers greater flexibility in their hybrid deployments, flexibility when it comes to compliance concerns, and rapid interconnectivity based on a reliable and proven standard. This will enable legacy & modern systems to talk to each other and simplify data ingestion to accelerate machine learning & AI solutions to key health problems.

Thank you

Special thanks to our project collaborators: Mahesh Yadav, Michela Sainato, Ricardo Mendes, and the whole Microsoft team.

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