Learn more about Autonomous Systems in 3 minutes

Learn more about Autonomous Systems in 3 minutes

Pop quiz: What do the terms Autonomous Systems, Machine Teaching, Microsoft Project Bonsai, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Simulations all have in common?

All but the first two are supporting technologies that enable the design, training, and deployment of Autonomous Systems-based solutions. These solutions are used to control complex and dynamic processes across various industries. Some use cases include optimizing extruder production yield, optimizing supply chains, and robotics.

Beginner’s guide to Autonomous Systems (3-minutes)

This short (a bit more than 3 minutes) video will help you understand how they all relate and may even tickle your curiosity to learn more, for instance by checking out our Autonomous Systems page.

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You can find our 5-parts video series on Autonomous Systems here on YouTube: https://go.nealanalytics.com/AS101

Need to refresh your memory on a certain topic? Here’s the lesson breakdown:

  1. Autonomous Systems 101: Core concepts
  2. Machine Teaching – Blog | Video
  3. Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) – Blog | Video
  4. Simulations – Blog | Video
  5. Real life example: food extrusion – Blog | Video

To learn more about Microsoft Project Bonsai and how it fits into creating Autonomous Systems, check out

This blog has been updated and was originally published 12/3/2020.