How to create a data warehouse roadmap

How to create a data warehouse roadmap

A data warehouse is incomplete without an ongoing management plan to keep it relevant, useful, and up to date. A good data warehouse roadmap document can mean the difference between relevance and obsolescence. Evolution or stagnation. With good planning, a data warehouse roadmap can lead you to project, organization, and enterprise success.

How do you achieve these results? Through good documentation, planning, and strategy. A data dictionary, data warehouse roadmap, and DevOps plan will all help lead you to success, particularly when combined together with the engagement model.

Documentation is key, and that is why we’re offering a sample data warehouse roadmap outline for free here! This document will give you a head-start on the documentation required for data warehouse success.

Stakeholder identification

First, we will need to identify and engage the right stakeholders. You need to do this at the start of the project, and by top-down as well as bottoms-up assignment. This means polling relevant members of the management or steering team assigned and interrogating the relevant personnel in order to determine the bottoms-up resources who will become super-users and community leaders long-term.  You need to be sure to build this list appropriately and thoroughly and evaluate on a regular basis to ensure continued relevance of your roadmap.

Assessment and interviewing

Once we’ve engaged the stakeholders, it’s time to interview and build our assessment. These interviews will help us understand more about their reporting portfolios, existing data analysis practices, reporting needs, and long-term goals.

With information provided by our assessment and interviews, we can now begin to design upgrades, migrations, enhancements, consolidations, and architecture for a new system. This design will need to be paired closely with operationalization practices from both a DevOps and data management perspective.


The final piece of a good data warehousing plan is strategy and presentation. We need to ensure our plan hits the mark and is well-documented. In addition to a roadmap, it’s always a good idea to compile a RACI, project plan, data dictionary and DevOps process document. Once you’ve got all your documentation together, your project is on its road to success!

Why does this matter?

Many BI and data projects fail, and oftentimes it is because the right business processes and objectives aren’t set in advance. Stakeholder buyoff isn’t achieved throughout the project, and a roadmap approach like this isn’t used to facilitate buyoff.

Bringing in experts like Neal Analytics to assist with data migration and warehouse updates will help pave the way to project success.. You can see our example assessment, roadmap creation, and data estate modernization managed service offerings using the included links.

Be sure to check out  our free sample of a data warehouse roadmap, and please let us know if you’d like help building this in your team by leveraging Neal’s expertise.

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