Helping make Microsoft’s nonprofit data warehouse “Quickstart” real

Helping make Microsoft’s nonprofit data warehouse “Quickstart” real

To support Microsoft Tech for Social Impact team’s introduction of the Nonprofit Data Warehouse Quickstart, Neal Analytics created a set of nonprofit focused offerings as a part of its Data Estate Modernization portfolio. These offerings are designed to be used in conjunction with a Common Data Model implementation, such as the script-to-deploy Nonprofit Data Warehouse Quickstart that Microsoft announced.

This Quickstart allows for Power BI-generated analytics and a templatized data warehouse accelerator. Neal’s specialized skillset allows for extensions of this template to adapt to any nonprofit’s scope.

In addition to its unique repository of pre-created connectors, Neal can create additional connectors that allow for easy extension into new scenarios.

With the help of Neal experts to handle the complex technical aspects, nonprofit organizations can deploy the Quickstart to ensure long-term success.

Here are a few examples of Power BI templates that come with the Quickstart:

power bi quickstart template examplepower bi report quickstart nonprofit example

With the Quickstart, you also get an auto-deployed data warehouse codebase, based on this GitHub repository & this CDM Version.

To pair with this offering & offer acceleration to any customers interested in Data Warehousing & modernization, Neal has created a series of offerings.

Managed deployment assistance

This offering entails a month of services conducted by Neal’s offshore team to assist with configuration, set-up, and implementation of the Quickstart with a 2.5 offshore resource team and a 1-month timeline.

This service package includes the creation of up to 2 connectors, data mapping, reporting extension, and an overview of the basics of development of a data warehouse, after configuration of the Quickstart.


The assessment is delivered utilizing Neal’s standard Data Estate Modernization Assessment Methodology.

Proof of value

The proof-of-value includes the assessment deliverables described above, within the planning phase, as well as a full quick-hit implementation project.

Managed implementation & operation

This is long-term outsourced management of the data warehouse assets of a corporation or nonprofit enterprise by Neal Analytics. This engagement can be right-sized to fit the team. For large organizations, we can support team sizes of as many as 20 or larger. Most organizations opt for a 5 person or less team, typically focused on offshore delivery.

Learn more about these offering in this short video: