Datamart in Power BI: Accelerating time to insight

Datamart in Power BI: Accelerating time to insight

Datamart, now in public preview, is a new self-service capability for Power BI Premium that makes it much easier to perform departmental analytics and ad hoc analysis.

Instead of spending hours building data marts, SQL databases, and data warehouses, or waiting in line for the IT department, users can explore data themselves and self-serve reports. This helps bypass a lot of the bottlenecks found in self-service reporting without throwing governance out the window.

Plus, it empowers employees with the data the uncover insights without the prerequisite of knowing SQL or how to manage dataflows. Let’s take a look at some benefits of Datamart in Power BI and how they help accelerate time to insight.

Benefits of Datamart in Power BI

There are a few key benefits of Power BI datamarts that remove obstacles for business analysts and users. These include…

  • Self-service: Reduces the need to wait for already over-burdened IT teams.
  • A no-code experience: Allows business users and analysts to design and query the database for analytics without worrying about dataflows, instances, etc.
  • Scalability: Datamart in Power BI is backed by Azure SQL, freeing up compute resources by running in the cloud. That gives you elastic scale without sacrificing security, performance, and governance needs.
  • Governance: Integrated governance with Power BI, allowing users to add labels with Microsoft Purview Information Protection, track data lineage, and more.
  • Discoverability: Since it’s integrated with Power BI, analysts and users can more easily discover these datamarts through tools they already use, such as Power BI Data Hub, Teams, and Excel.
  • End-to-end capabilities: Datamart in Power BI works across the entire analytics cycle, making it easier to ingest and prepare data, add business semantics to data, manage and govern the data, and share reports.

Power BI Datamarts in action

Check out this Microsoft Mechanics video to see a Power BI datamart in action.

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