Sucharit Pawar

Optimize DC's ft. image
Optimizing distribution center operations using AI
AI can help distribution centers optimize product slotting, manage workforce, automate batching and sequencing, and manage transportation.
Scaling Power BI Usage Insights for an international organization
Neal Analytics successfully overcame big data challenges to scale our Power BI Usage Insights solution for the customer, providing them with acce...
Improving reporting systems and practices for a travel services company
The customer extended their database and reporting capabilities by building a modern Enterprise Data Warehouse on top of their existing system. Here's...
Implementing data warehouse, business intelligence, and machine learning for an agricultural supply cooperative
Our customer needed visibility on their four lines of business. Here's how they tore down data silos and increased profits with a modern data warehous...
ML Operationalization: Building a path to real-world business success
Many organizations struggle with ML operationalization due to a lack of data science and ML capabilities, difficulty harnessing best practices, and...
Reinforcement Learning
Learn how Deep Reinforcement Learning helps businesses solve complex problems (with examples) 
Reinforcement learning is a goal-oriented AI training algorithm that uses a trial-and-error approach. Learn this using real-life examples.
online shopping
Role of AI in revolutionizing e-commerce
Advancements in AI technology has massively influenced the E-commerce industry improving the online shopping experience of a customer