Announcing the open-source release of Azure DeepStream Accelerator (ADA)

Announcing the open-source release of Azure DeepStream Accelerator (ADA)

Neal Analytics is thrilled to announce the open-source release of Azure DeepStream Accelerator (ADA)!

This is the result of an exciting collaboration between Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Neal Analytics. The goal? Helping developers leverage the power of computer vision at the edge via DeepStream and Azure services on the cloud to create integrated edge-to-cloud AI solutions.

What is Azure DeepStream Accelerator (ADA)?

The Azure DeepStream Accelerator provides a simplified developer experience for deploying accelerated computer vision workloads at the edge. It provides curated container framework for deploying and managing your edge AI workloads at scale. Plus, it enables edge-to-cloud insights integration into your most critical business applications.

It supports a variety of capabilities out of the box. These include…

  • Running your accelerated edge AI workloads on a variety of NVIDIA hardware targets (e.g., as small as Jetson up to dGPU like Ampere A2)
  • Ability to bring your own models
  • Extensible to implement your custom business logic based on regions of interest
  • Playback widget for building user interfaces into your applications

Want to see it for yourself? Check out the project on GitHub.

Accelerate your computer vision edge AI workloads

Neal Analytics is excited to partner with Microsoft to support the project. We hope ADA enables you to do even more with the power of DeepStream and Azure, and we can’t wait to see what you build!

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Whether you are just getting started with computer vision edge AI workloads or you are looking to further accelerate and scale your capabilities, Neal Analytics has a team of experts that can help you in your journey.


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