Rehana Asmi

Digital Marketing Manager

Neal Analytics Microsoft Solutions Partner announcement
Neal Analytics is proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, Data & AI, and Digital & App Innovation
Neal Analytics has achieved three Microsoft Solutions Partner designations! Here's why working with a Solutions Partner benefits customers.
Neal top 5 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2022 with blue icons
Top 5 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2022
From the intelligent data platform to the industrial metaverse - here are the five things we're most excited to see from Microsoft Build 2022.
5 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2021
Microsoft Build 2021 highlighted some exciting developments in AI, edge computing, and data platforms. Here are 5 things we're excited for.
Microsoft Build 2020 text
Microsoft Build 2020: Our top 4 tech takeaways
Autonomous systems, MLOps, Edge AI and computer vision for healthcare -- these are the technologies we're keeping our eye on after Build.