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Neal Analytics is a cloud, data, and AI Microsoft Gold consulting partner supporting data-driven transformation initiatives from data strategy to solution design, architecture, development, operationalization, and support. Our expertise spans across migration and modernization, data science, AI/ML, IoT, edge computing, BI, application development, and RPA. With a focus on right-sized and pragmatic approaches towards digital transformation, Neal leverages Agile methodologies and flexible engagement models to deliver measurable customer value.

People visiting NRF event booths
NRF 2023 Recap: The era of AI has arrived for retail
The retail industry is buzzing from exciting discussions, informative keynotes, and numerous displays of the latest innovations. Here're are few NRF 2...
Customer at billing counter
Leading retail firm uses artificial intelligence to combat stock shrinkage and check POS behaviors
Learn how a retail and pharma chain minimizes shrinkage through improved visibility into asset location and protection by leveraging automated process...
Neal Analytics’ top 10 blog posts of 2022
Here's the recap of our most prominent blog posts on strategy and use-case scenarios, as well as our most popular step-by-step technical tutorials.
Azure DeepStream Accelerator announcement with Microsoft and NVIDIA
Announcing the open-source release of Azure DeepStream Accelerator (ADA)
In collaboration with NVIDIA and Microsoft, we're excited to share that Azure DeepStream Accelerator has been released on GitHub.
Job interview recruiter writes notes on clipboard
Hit by recent layoffs? Here are some do's and don'ts to land your next job
Neal Analytics recruiters share their tips to help you improve your resume, network, and more to help you land your next job.
Example of customer at point-of-sale register with color block masking their face
Major retail chain taps into vision AI to prevent shrinkage
Learn how this customer leveraged vision AI at the edge to gain new insights into Point-of-Sale activity and prevent shrinkage across stores.
Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2022 ft image (1)
3 takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2022
This year Microsoft emphasized on improving efficiency and empowering workforces with AI, automation, and the Microsoft Cloud. Here are a few Ignite 2...
Neal Analytics Microsoft Solutions Partner announcement
Neal Analytics is proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, Data & AI, and Digital & App Innovation
Neal Analytics has achieved three Microsoft Solutions Partner designations! Here's why working with a Solutions Partner benefits customers.
Neal Hackathon banner
NealHack 2.0 - A Hackathon where ideas turn into reality
Neal Hackathon will bring in professional creativity and self-expression by leveraging the most innovative and modern technological solutions in front...
Electronics and ceramic manufacturer
A North American electronics manufacturer optimizes its data analytics and reporting capabilities with Azure
Learn how a North American electronics manufacturer optimizes its data analytics and reporting capabilities with Azure
MLOps lifecycle
Ebook: Implementation roadmap for your MLOps journey
This MLOps ebook can help businesses with our answers, best practices, and tips for navigating their MLOps journey.
Two factory workers monitor production line
How Neal Analytics technology can help boost production, quality control
Neal's Production Yield Optimization solution helps manufacturers improve quality and efficiency by leveraging Azure and the Intelligent Edge.
Water bottling manufacturer
MLOps implementation for a major North American water bottling company​
Learn how a major North American water bottling company build a foundation for MLOps that supports current as well as future ML model’s needs.
Product recommenders: How New Product Discovery recommendations can improve personalization
Product recommenders play a critical role in personalization strategies. Here's how you can leverage New Product Discovery recommendations.
curbside pickup at grocery store
A major grocery chain optimizes order preparation and scheduling for curbside pickup
Learn how a major grocery chain optimizes order preparation and scheduling for curbside pickup leading to decreased labor costs & improved customer ...
man in blue shirt looks at data on computer screen
Datamart in Power BI: Accelerating time to insight
Datamart in Power BI brings a new self-service capability to Power BI Premium. Here is how it can help accelerate your time to insight.
Advanced Specialization -Data Warehouse Migration to Azure
Neal Analytics achieves the Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
We're proud to earn our sixth advanced specialization from Microsoft! This validates our team's expertise and data warehouse migration practices.
Neal top 5 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2022 with blue icons
Top 5 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2022
From the intelligent data platform to the industrial metaverse - here are the five things we're most excited to see from Microsoft Build 2022.
Video thumbnail with Neal Analytics employees featured in a tile grid
Why Neal? Here's what our employees have to say
What do people like most about their careers at Neal Analytics? Here's what team members across our US and India offices had to say.
Unified data platform for better customer experience
Neal Analytics unified TTEC’s data to enhance the end-to-end customer experience
Learn how Neal helped TTEC with a unified data ecosystem and improved customer experience
Image of AI brain on tablet with text "Neal Analytics achieves the AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization"
Neal Analytics achieves the AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
We're proud to earn our fifth advanced specialization from Microsoft! This validates our team's expertise and AI practices.
Neal Analytics offering
Neal Analytics Offering
Neal helps customers on their projects by offering end-to-end services, modern advanced analytics techniques, & skilled developer resources.
Data retention best practices ebook cover
Data retention best practices
A data retention policy helps businesses protect, store and retrieve data. Learn how retain data properly with these best practices.
AS process manufacturing
Webinar recording: Optimizing process manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence
Learn how Deep Reinforcement Learning trained AI agents help optimize process manufacturing scenarios
Webinar: Optimizing process manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence
man in suit reads analytics dashboard on computer screen
Power BI Usage Insights deployment for security and governance
Power BI Usage Insights helped this customer improve governance and security with detailed breakdowns on Power BI user activity and licenses.
ML financial modern forecasting
Modernizing financial forecasting for a global organization
Learn how Neal helped a major global organization modernize their financial forecasting with our strategy & forecasting Digital CFO offer
Neal News text on blue background with Microsoft Project Bonsai logo
Neal News: Getting started with Project Bonsai
How do you start a Bonsai project? We have a few articles to help you improve your success rate with Project Bonsai, simulations, and more.
Neal Analytics is now Great Place to Work-Certified™!
Neal Analytics' offers
Accelerate your digital transformation with our most popular solution packages
Fractal logo and Neal Analytics logo side by side on white background
Fractal expands cloud AI offerings with the acquisition of Neal Analytics
Fractal’s acquisition of Neal Analytics will deepen Fractal's capability to scale AI on Microsoft's Clouds ecosystems for its Fortune 500® clients ...
Scaling Power BI Usage Insights for an international organization
Neal Analytics successfully overcame big data challenges to scale our Power BI Usage Insights solution for the customer, providing them with acce...
Neal's top 10 blogs 2021
Neal Analytics’ top 10 blog posts of 2021
Here's the recap of our most prominent blog posts on strategy and use-case scenarios, as well as our most popular step-by-step technical tutorials.
Improving reporting systems and practices for a travel services company
The customer extended their database and reporting capabilities by building a modern Enterprise Data Warehouse on top of their existing system. Here's...
Implementing data warehouse, business intelligence, and machine learning for an agricultural supply cooperative
Our customer needed visibility on their four lines of business. Here's how they tore down data silos and increased profits with a modern data warehous...
onshore oil drilling rig
Redesigning edge architecture for a fleet of onshore oil drilling rigs to improve stability and support analytics capabilities
Edge solutions are well-suited for oil and gas producers that are likely to face challenges related to equipment failures, monitoring, latency, and op...
Text on blue background: Neal Analytics achieves the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
Neal Analytics achieves the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
Neal earned its fourth advanced specialization from Microsoft, demonstrating deep knowledge and expertise in delivering analytics solutions.
Neal News: A real-world approach to AI and MLOps
We've rounded up 5 articles on bringing a real-world, business approach to AI and MLOps solutions.
Man on computer with text overlay "Neal Analytics achieves DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization"
Neal Analytics achieves the DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
We are proud to announce that our team has achieved the DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization.
Neal News: What's next for SQL Server
Learn all about SQL Server 2019 end of support and the next actions to take for your migration in this edition of Neal News.
Neal Analytics achieves Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
Advanced specialization is a testament to Neal Analytics’ deep knowledge, expertise, and experience in helping customers migrate Windows Server ...
Neal News: The digital acceleration mindset
Learn how to shift to a digital acceleration mindset, move through the four stages of data modernization, and more in this Neal News roundup.
Neal Analytics achieves Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization
Neal Analytics has earned the Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specializations.
Neal News: Eyes on the cloud - Azure Synapse, Purview, and Cognitive Services
This roundup features some of our top recommendations for Azure services and tools to leverage in your digital transformation.
robotic arm handling coin bags
AI controlled robotic arm for coin bags handling using Microsoft Project Bonsai
Learn how an AI-controlled robotic arm leveraging Microsoft Project Bonsai was used for handling coin bags by a financial institution
Intelligent Order Sequencing
Intelligent order sequencing for a large, international quick-serve restaurant
Learn how Neal Analytics used machine learning to optimize customer order prioritization across mobile-app, in-store and drive-through channels.
Neal News: Streamline your customer shopping experience with AI
In this edition of Neal News, look at how AI is helping businesses streamline and improve the customer shopping experience.
man at gym lifts barbell weight
GNC transforms customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Neal Analytics helped GNC implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to create a single, unified view of customers.
Neal News: The many use cases for computer vision
Check out the latest on computer vision and its uses in the retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.
5 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2021
Microsoft Build 2021 highlighted some exciting developments in AI, edge computing, and data platforms. Here are 5 things we're excited for.
Neal News: Tips for RL solutions and data migrations
Check out a few of our tips for creating reward functions, migrating Hadoop to Databricks, and vision AI at the edge in our latest Neal News.
fresh produce and vegetables at market
Ciruli Brothers: Designing and implementing a seamless ERP migration to the cloud
An agricultural production and distribution company needed to migrate to the cloud with minimal downtime. Here's how we helped.
Neal News: Practice (and training) makes perfect
This roundup covers a few key techniques for accelerating DRL training with simulators, improving fairness in AI models, and more.
Neal India Hackathon 2021
Neal Analytics is hosting its first ever hackathon for India team. Let's join us to see what innovative ideas will come up during this event.
Neal News: Azure Percept, IoT, and Cosmos DB
We roundup some of our latest articles on Azure Percept, IoT, and Azure Cosmos DB in this edition of Neal News.
10 year anniversary text with neural network image
10 years, 10 iconic projects: Sales Driver Analysis for Arca Continental
The early days of Azure Machine Learning, a scrappy team, and a lot data science makes Arca Continental an iconic Neal Analytics project.
shopping mall
Analyzing foot traffic using computer vision at the edge
Learn how Neal Analytics helped a customer by providing real-time statistics of foot traffic at entry and exit points to maintain safety guidelines
computer chip abstract
Major global technology firm outsources data science development, landing a new technology in the IoT ecosystem
Learn how Neal Analytics helped a global technology company accelerate customer adoption, drive broader technology use and build ecosystem accelerator...
Using machine learning to improve underwriter efficiency at an insurance company
Here's how Neal Analytics helped an insurance company by leveraging ML that helped analyze documents and make the underwriting process smoother
public transit
Bringing real-time, on-demand customer service to more than 8 million public transit patrons
Here's how Neal built AI chatbot for a public transport company to help patrons with smart card self-service and extend their customer service offerin...
water treatment
Predicting next 24-hour demand for water utility company
Here's how Neal Analytics helped a water utility company with better forecast of consumer demands to improve their operational efficiency
Driving digital transformations for sports organizations by developing a digital platform recommendation system with ML
Here's how Neal Analytics helped a global tech company with its sports digital platform to create a cloud-based recommendation system and Azure data p...
fiber optic
Designing and deploying a self-service reporting platform for a global provider of fiber optic cable and equipment
Learn how Neal helped the fiber optic cable provider transfer knowledge and trained to develop self-service reporting capability using better solution...
natural resources
Haulage strategy optimization for a natural resources company
Learn how Neal Analytics integrated Project Bonsai with the existing strategy simulation, which helped the natural resources company identify the best...
car exchange
Fair market value estimation for used cars at leading car exchange
Here's how Neal Analytics helped an auto dealer to identify the fair market value of cars based on details and range of "good and bad deals".
wind turbines in sunset
R&D portfolio management at major offshore wind developer
Here's how Neal Analytics used portfolio management solutions for a offshore wind developer to align their R&D funding decisions
oil pump jack in sunset
Major oil services company: Asset health visualization
Here's how Neal Analytics built a Power BI dashboard for a oil services company that enables instantaneous report generation based on filters
high altitude pictures
High altitude pictures with GIS metadata to C3 integration
Here's how Neal Analytics helped a defence contractor in automated ingestion of pictures and geolocation meta-data into the C3 platform from an existi...
Quick-service restaurant chain innovates customer experience with AI
Learn how a fast food chain and Neal Analytics worked to innovate the drive-thru customer experience with voice order automation and AI.
two business women read document on computer
Self-service plagiarism checking tool for non-profit research institute
Here's how Neal Analytics helped a non-profit research institute with a plagiarism checking solution using Azure Cognitive Service and web-based UX
Quality prediction and driver analysis for french fry production
Learn how Neal Analytics helped french fries producer improve quality and line yield as well as implemented Real-time Power BI visualization to solve ...
video game controller
Optimizing database queries at an independent, privately held video game studio
Learn how Neal Analytics enabled the video game studio to query data faster, increase operational efficiency and implement a quick and effective HA/DR...
gas utility
Reducing manual investigation workloads at natural gas utility
Learn how Neal Analytics helped the gas utility company in automation, highlight gaps in data collection processes and develop new improvement strateg...
doctor in blue scrubs
Optimized data delivery to members and providers at a health benefits administrator
Learn how Neal Analytics helped health benefits administrator successfully deliver an improve user experience to health members and provided them on-t...
Neal predictions for 2021 with blue data points
Neal Analytics predictions for 2021: Vision, AI, and the edge
What comes next in digital transformation? Our experts have some predictions for the year. Here are some trends we expect to see in 2021.
woman working at deli
Demand forecasting solution for waste reduction
Learn how a major retailer was able to reduce waste in freshly cooked goods by 33% with Advanced Demand Forecasting from Neal Analytics.
HR Block store front
H&R Block: Creating a competitive edge in a unique market
H&R Block wanted deeper insights into their business demand drivers. Here's how Neal Analytics used advanced analytics and ML to provide a competitive...
Neal Analytics: Highlights of 2020
This year was one of transformation. We saw businesses innovate and implement a range solutions to adapt to the pandemic. Here are a few highlights.
Instrumenting coolers with IoT devices to remotely monitor asset health and sales for large soft drink CPG company
Learn how Neal helped this customer use IoT devices in soft-drink coolers to remotely monitor asset health and sales performance.
Cart recommendations through a combination of customer history analysis and filtering techniques
Learn how Neal implemented historical multi-variable segmentation that helped the e-commerce company to predict likely next purchases of their custome...
health benefits
Preventive healthcare through machine learning at a health benefits administrator
Learn how Neal Analytics helped the health benefits administration dramatically improve an existing process that was largely manual and inefficient
health administration
Enhanced quality assurance at a leading health benefits administrator
Learn how Neal Analytics helped health benefit administration in reducing error rates in processed and audited claims using machine learning
paint company
Churn prediction model for account representatives at a large paint company
Here's how Neal Analytics allowed data sharing between business units that enabled cross-sell opportunities and enriched customer experience for a pai...
Improving promotion targeting for a credit card company
Here's how Neal Analytics helped a credit card company improve the allocation of promotion budgets and save money on highly targeted campaigns
Advanced forecasting improves operational planning at major field services company
Here's how leveraging forecasting models helped a field service company improve its demand and labor forecast accuracy
red hair woman working from home
Neal Analytics' top 10 blog posts of 2020
From explaining MLOps to a step-by-step tutorial on using Pyton in ADF, here are our readers' favorite Neal blog posts in 2020.
Neal News: Autonomous Systems in the real world
Autonomous Systems are on our list as one of the most exciting developments in AI. We rounded up some of our latest content on the topic.
Neal News: It comes down to strategy
Digital transformation isn't achieved by flipping a switch. It requires resilient, well planned-out, and agile approach to achieve your goal.
Neal News: Retail, manufacturing, and the race to the edge
The past few months have seen a relentless push to the intelligent cloud and edge. We’ve seen retail, healthcare, and manufacturing accelerate their...
Campari group products lineu p
Campari Group rapidly pivots to digital outreach & gains new customer insights
Learn how Campari, the world's 6th largest liquor distributor, was able to discover new customer insights an achieve an email marketing open rate doub...
Inside of a convenience store
How a major North American convenience store chain eliminated technical debt
With the Neal Analytics SKU Optimization solution, this company increased sales and identified the right products for the right shelves across their s...
dairy products on shelf
SKU Optimization for a Saudi-based CPG company: Getting the right product on the right shelf in over 50,000 stores
With the Neal Analytics SKU Optimization solution, this company increased sales and identified the right products for the right shelves across their s...
MS Inspire 2020 digital event social promo
Inspire 2020: The Neal Analytics approach for purpose-driven digital transformation
From autonomous systems to the intellgent edge, the Neal team creates value for customers with our approach to purpose-driven digital transformation.
Microsoft Build 2020 text
Microsoft Build 2020: Our top 4 tech takeaways
Autonomous systems, MLOps, Edge AI and computer vision for healthcare -- these are the technologies we're keeping our eye on after Build.
video game controller
How a video game publisher built a unified data platform for customer engagement and insights
By deploying a unified customer data platform, a game publisher was able to build a consolidated view of its players to enable future growth.
North American Energy Company Challenges
End-to-end data estate modernization at a North American energy company
Legacy systems, disparate data, inefficient reporting -- this customer needed a holistic, data strategy to modernize their estate. That's where Neal s...
golden lights
Arca Continental: Big data boosts business for soft drink bottler
Arca Continental had the data. The challenge was gaining insight from it. Learn how this customer leveraged Neal's ML and data science expertise to ge...
Travel Accessory Company Challenges
Automating the customer journey and experience for a travel accessory company
There's a lot invovled in planning a camping trip. This company wanted to automate it. Here's how Neal used Microsoft Cognitive Services and Bot Frame...
FHIR helps disparate systems and IoT devices work together
Chatbots: Automating internal operations at a major pharmaceutical company
Here's how Neal helped a pharmaceutical company automate addressing questions related to purchase order status and dramatically saved time and cost.
doctor in blue scrubs
Chatbots: Automating internal customer service for a pharmaceutical company
Neal Analytics created a chat bot to help this pharmaceutical company surface information for internal customers to improve efficiency and satisfactio...
Text mining solutions
Chatbots: Automating customer service at a major utilities company
This utilities company knew customers wanted an easy way to start, stop, or modify their service. Here's how Neal Analytics built a chat bot to do tha...
robotic process automation for finance challenges
Using robotic process automation for financial forecasting
Better, faster, cheaper, and more accurate. Learn how Neal Analytics used RPA and machine learning to improve this customer's finanical forecasting.
MARS Drinks sells more through less-friction in the ordering process
Learn how Neal used Azure IoT, Power BI and AI to offer MARS Drinks to improve predictive maintenance and value chain insights.
CONA challenges solved by Neal Analytics
CONA optimizes SKU portfolios by equipping sellers with ML
CONA empowered field sellers with data insights by leveraging a cloud-based platform and user-friendly, mobile dashboards. Here's how we built it.
Predictive maintenance challenges
Multi-National glass manufacturer: Predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment
Equipment failure and downtime are costly. That's why this glass manufacturer came to Neal for help on a predictive maintenance solution.
Hightech illustration
High-tech aerospace manufacturer: Data infrastructure creation and pipeline automation
The aerospace manufacturer's disparate data environment made traceability a challenge. Here's how Neal built the data infrastructure and pipeline to c...
executive deck slide example
Automotive part manufacturer: Quality prediction and driver analysis for aluminum castings
With machine learning, this automotive part manufacturer was able to predict product quality and proactively identify manufacturing part failures.
Craft brewery challenges
Market leading craft brewery: Scenario identification and prioritization
This brewery wanted to tap into their data. Here's how the Neal team helped them identify valuable use cases and build a strategy.
photo person looking at chart on laptop
High tech manufacturer: Setup of EDW
Learn how Neal stabilized an ongoing EDW project, improving the Azure infrastructure for business intelligence, security, and scalability.
natural gas unplanned shutdown challenges
Unplanned shutdown prevention at major natural gas producer
Learn how Neal Analytics leveraged sensor data to detect potential shutdowns, increase production, and reduce overall downtime.
oil pump jack in sunset
Multi-National oil & gas company: Pump jack predictive maintenance
Neal created a predictive maintenance solution by using Azure Machine Learning and equipment data to identify patterns and improve remote-diagnostics.
Oil and gas challenges
Oil & gas service provider: Tank level forecasting
Inaccurate tank levels can lead to issues in maintenance and operations. Learn how Neal used Azure ML and Power BI to improve tank level forecasts.
Database modernization challenges
Database modernization for internal services team at major global technology company
Learn how Neal Analytics helped this tech company build a more resilient ETL and Data Warehouse approach for its internal services team.
Text mining challenges
Automating text mining analytics at a major philanthropic foundation
Neal Analytics developed a chatbot that used machine learning and text mining techniques to analyze grant proposals and predict success based on inter...
Data warehousing: Creating a reporting environment
server room
HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure: Assessment and remediation for a payments processor
Compliance can be complicated. Neal worked with this payments processor to ensure HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure and improve overall data securi...
ICD10 challenges
Automating ICD-10 coding and claims payments processing for a medical service provider
ICD-10 coding and claims processing can demand a lot of time from medical teams. Learn how Neal automated the process to improve efficiency and accura...
magnifying class and computer screen
Early warning indicators: Identifying high-risk customers
Neal Analytics leveraged predictive modeling to help this credit card company proactively identify high-risk customers and reduce losses.
GDPR challenges
GDPR: Converting SAS jobs to data movement operations in Azure
Learn how Neal Analytics improved data traceability, ensured GDPR compliance, and reduced costs for this insurance company by leveraging Azure.
bloomingdale's challenge image
Bloomingdale's: Maximizing campaign efficiency and customer loyalty
Learn how Bloomingdale's was able to drive more customer-centric marketing, reduce churn, improve loyalty, and optimize their marketing spend.
woman working from home with two kids
The Neal Analytics team: We're here to help
These are stressful times. So remember: Neal Analytics is here to help! We've done remote setups long before COVID-19, and we're always on the lookout...
power bi report quickstart nonprofit example
Helping make Microsoft's nonprofit data warehouse "Quickstart" real
Neal can help customize this Quickstart to any nonprofit scope, enabling Power BI-generated analytics and a templatized data warehouse accelerator.
custom authorizer aws api gateway flow diagram
How to create a custom authorizer for AWS API Gateway using serverless Lambda function in Node and .NET Core
A lambda function and the AWS API Gateway can be used together you can build secure serverless APIs. One way is to create custom authorizers.
Majid Al Futtaim: Developing the AI platform for an international conglomerate
Learn how Neal Analytics drove significant business impacts for an international conglomerate by developing a robust AI platform.
barilla pesto jar
Barilla Group: Trade promotion optimization
Learn how Trade Promotion Optimization enhanced decision-making for Barilla Group’s Key Account and Trade Marketing Managers and maximized campaign ...
illustration brain neural network
Neal Analytics recognized in Gartner's 2019 Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers
Our expertise ranges from AI to data engineering and agile methodologies. Here's why Gartner recognized Neal as a Data and Analytics Service Provider.