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Revenue forecasting using machine learning
Revenue Forecasting - Solution Demo
This revenue forecasting process example explains how finance departments can standardize their approach to producing baseline forecasts.
businessman in suit reviews financial report at his desk with a calculator and laptop
Financial document analysis with machine learning: Benefits and use cases
Automated document parsing coupled with machine learning techniques can significantly reduce the burden for manual reviewers. Here's how.
Machine learning forecasting in modern finance
Machine learning forecasting in modern finance
Producing regular forecasts can be inefficient, manual and time consuming for SMEs. Here’s how machine learning techniques and automation can help.
Keys for developing an RL-ready simulator  
The complex RL problems could be solve using simulators. Here, we discuss what factors make a simulator RL-ready
reward functions
Writing successful reward functions  
Here, we've discussed some tips or tricks to write successful reward functions to solve reinforcement learning problems