David Brown

David Brown is our Director of Technical Sales. Through his experience with start-ups and with building solutions for Microsoft Consulting Services, David brings expertise in architecting and planning Business Intelligence and data warehousing solutions. He has worked in the Managed Partner reporting space within EPG and SMS&P, creating tools to maximize Microsoft and Partner revenue. After gaining extensive experience with Business Intelligence there, David moved to Microsoft Consulting Services where he worked with the Premier Mission Critical offerings team designing Microsoft’s highest level of support solutions. David’s background with Microsoft and his start-up mentality allow him to present the highest quality solutions utilizing Microsoft products and partnerships.

Accelerating Machine Learning with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform
The Databricks Lakehouse Platform allows organizations to facilitate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science, and machine learning
BI telemetry for product development
The importance of data management and value of BI telemetry in product development
BI telemetry analysis is a great way to achieve meaningful insights derived from data and analytics to improve customer journey experiences
man doing maintenance
The importance of predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance helps energy and manfacturing companies avoid downtime. Learn how this AI/ML solution can fit into your digital transformation.
Industrial pumps used in oil and gas extraction
Industrial pump failures — What causes them and how to predict them
Equipment failure is costly, losing businesses time and production revenue. Learn how predictive maintenance helps prevent pumps failures.
devops diagram
5 steps to streamline DevOps with data and reporting
Learn how streamlined & data-based approach to DevOps help create a common culture that brings together people, processes, and technology.
hand pointing at brain on a computer chip
Adding intelligence to applications using Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Cognitive Services create new opportunities for creating intelligent applications. Here's what they do, and how you can use them.
men and women meet with tablets in office
Empowering your organization to embrace a data culture with Power BI and Power BI Usage Insights
Learn how Power BI enables a stronger data culture within the organization, and how Power BI Usage Insights further improves governance.
tablet showing data warehouse roadmap example on screen
How to create a data warehouse roadmap
What goes into creating a data warehouse roadmap? This template will walk you through the best practices for your roadmap.
consultants analyze results on computer
Monitor usage of your business dashboards with Power BI Usage Insights
Power BI Usage Insights enables corporate governance of Power BI, providing insights into dashboard usage rates across the organization.
man using tablet for advanced analytics reports
Promotion Optimization: Can retailers and CPG companies afford to go without?
Promotions can rack up huge expenses for retailers and CPG companies. That's where AI comes in to help optimize your campaign.
machine learning algorithm
Advanced Demand Forecasting Part 2: A technical look
How is a forecasting model tailored to your business? How does it provide you with new insights? We dive in to the technical aspects of ADF.
financial data analytics
Advanced Demand Forecasting Part 1: An overview
Learn about the key capabilities and use cases that Advanced Demand Forecasting can provide your organization in this overview.
doctor in blue scrubs
Neal Analytics announces FHIR server for Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge
Neal is excited to announce the availability of services integrating, deploying, and working with the FHIR server standard for healthcare interoperabi...
shells of the store
Neal Analytics announces the availability of StockView, the AI-powered stock-out detection solution
Neal Analytics, in partnership with Microsoft and Intel, unveils its new out-of-stock detection solution leveraging vision AI at the edge: StockView.
business woman works on laptop with power BI logo
3 ways you can use Power BI to access ERP data
Learn three different paradigms that can be used with Power BI for ERP access, and a few options for organization-wide distribution of reporting.
Azure Synapse Analytics for structured big data
Features like a secondary index, automatic restore points, and PolyBase make Azure Synapse Analytics a great enterprise database solution.
i'm Cortona
Voice ordering innovation quick serve industry — A technical overview
How can you make quick serve locations more efficient? The innovation behind voice ordering automation creates exciting opportuniteis for the industry...
Neural collaborative filtering — A primer
How do neural collaborative filtering algorithms determine user preferences? We explain the basics using the example of user movie ratings.
power BI
Dashboard in a Day — How to transform your data with Power BI
The Dashboard in a Day workshop will help you quickly learn the breadth of the Power BI Desktop developer tool and Power BI Service with our experts.
computer chip abstract
Are your promotions profitable? Neal's data-driven approach to raising the curtain
With AI, promotion optimization solution can reveal new insights and trends from your sales data to improve performance of your campaigns. Here's how.
IT engineer configuring servers
Tackling the cloud data workloads with Azure Data Factory v2
Azure Data Factory allows you to create “data-driven workflows”, called pipelines, for orchestrating and automating data movement and data transfo...
web net
Managing incremental loads through ADF V2 using the Lookup activity
Microsoft’s Azure Platform, Azure Data Factory (ADF) stands as the most effective data management tool for extract, transform, and load processes (E...
Creating synthetic human-level intelligence: Meet the 'experts' of tomorrow
Artificial intelligence and automation are changing entire industries. How will that impact the role of human expertise over time?