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Supply chain optimization solutions
Streamlining supply chain operations with Neal’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions
Our smart supply chain optimization solutions can help increase efficiency, boost productivity, reduce costs, & improve customer relations.
AI and ML use cases in corporate finance
Top AI/ML use cases in corporate finance
Check some AI/ML use cases for finance helping organizations minimize risks, automate processes, enhance revenues and customer experience
Optimize DC's ft. image
Optimizing distribution center operations using AI
AI can help distribution centers optimize product slotting, manage workforce, automate batching and sequencing, and manage transportation.
ML Operationalization: Building a path to real-world business success
Many organizations struggle with ML operationalization due to a lack of data science and ML capabilities, difficulty harnessing best practices, and...
Reinforcement Learning
Learn how Deep Reinforcement Learning helps businesses solve complex problems (with examples) 
Reinforcement learning is a goal-oriented AI training algorithm that uses a trial-and-error approach. Learn this using real-life examples.
online shopping
Role of AI in revolutionizing e-commerce
Advancements in AI technology has massively influenced the E-commerce industry improving the online shopping experience of a customer