10 Signs You Have Too Many SKUs

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  1. You have product managers for “problem child” SKUs
  2. To avoid stock outs, you carry a lot of inventory
  3. Fact: 80% of sales come from just 20% of SKUs
  4. You have not yet calculated your carrying cost per SKU
  5. You struggle to measure how new SKUs cannibalize sales
  6. You did not rationalize your SKUs after your last merger (and instead kept all SKUs of both companies)
  7. At your company, a SKU isn’t the most granular level of product identification (e.g. 1 SKU has multiple sizes)
  8. SKU portfolio decisions at your company are driven by minimizing risk rather than maximizing sales & profit
  9. The best-selling SKUs in one territory are not tested in other territories
  10. You have separate SKUs for each channel that your products are sold through

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